Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still dishing it out

I sat in the sun today and got to work on drawing and glazing my new monster dishes.
Keep in mind that pencil marks burn off in the firing and the colors will be bright and colorful. Right now they are dull and chalky until they are fired again. 

All of the plates are built from a slab of clay that I rolled out, shaped and stamped.  

notice my doodle drawing on the table?

You can see my pencil lines on this one, They will burn off in the firing.


Unknown said...

Wow you are so Talented! I love the travel mugs! Very Awesome they are!! Love the little platters too!!! Looks like I will have to make an order once I move and get settled.. I want to get the platters and the mugs!


Anonymous said...

These look fantastic.

Such a talent.

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