Monday, March 28, 2011

Yay it's Monday!

I had a great day in my studio today. First thing this morning I had an enormous amount of pottery to ship off to customers so I got busy. After the packing, shipping and the run to the post office (I play foursquare, I'm the mayor of my local post office haha!), I loaded my other kiln and got that little baby fired up and finally creative time! I've made a bunch of new hand built plates and poured some molds. 

 I've totally kicked butt today :o)
Hopefully if I can stay off the phone and stay focused, I should/could have a lot of work done by the end of the week.  Tomorrow is throwing day, I play on trying to spend the day at my pottery wheel.
I've discovered that the hardest thing for my friends to understand is that I work for my self and if Denise doesn't work, Denise doesn't get paid. I may have to take drastic measures and turn my cell phone off while I'm working.


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