Monday, January 9, 2012

Up and running, kind of

I started doing a little work today in my studio, it's difficult with a broken finger to do too much, but I did throw a few things on my wheel and crafted a few little owls. Have a peek at this Lil Hooty. I rolled up a ball of clay and he just happened (actually a whole flock of them happened, wait until you see where they land).

I was on facebook tonight and I usually don't play along with these types of posts but for whatever reason I did tonight, get a load of this.

The book closest to me is one I received as a gift from some friends and it's called "The Zombie survival guide" and my answer to this turn to page 45 thing is, "Again, although the assault riffle is not ideal for defense against the living dead, a member of the ak-47 family will be your best bet". As you can imagine, I laughed pretty damn hard.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you have a PHD in design. The owl is pretty cute.

Best of lucky with your Ak-47. :)

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