Saturday, November 29, 2008


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228/365 Not too much to say, it's Saturday morning. 15 more days until I see my surgeon and hopefully get a operation day scheduled for my knee.

Today is also 132 days since I quit smoking. I'm pretty happy about that, even though sometimes I feel like I want a cigarette, but that feeling doesn't last long. I'm at the point where I can smell everything, I swear I'm like a Bloodhound.
I can tell you that McDonalds restaurants stink horribly like fish.
I can sniff out a smoker in a store from 3 isles away and not because it's an enticing smell, it's because they stink so bad and the smell gives me a headache. I also discovered my shampoo makes my hair smell sooo good and I had to switch my deodorant because I hated the scent.


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