Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is over...

Time to get back to work!
I received a wonderful email today from a lady, her fiance purchased one of my mugs as a Christmas gift for her. She emailed me the sweetest feedback and totally made my day:

Hi, Denise, Just wanted to get back to you about how much I'm enjoying the Blue Dragonfly Mug that my fiance bought for me. He was so concerned about the safety of my repeatedly microwaving my morning coffee in a plastic mug. I just love your beautiful blue & dragonfly design, the great easy-to-work caps, the shape of the mug itself, and especially the nice large handle. But as weird as it may seem, the raised dots on the handle make this my favorite mug ever....and I've collected quite a few mugs trying to the find just the perfect one! Now I've found it! Thank you so much for offering this and I'm so happy I found you on Etsy (where I have a shop, also).
Happy New Year, Denise, and keep making these.... Warm regards, Sheri


Kennis said...

That is so awesome that she e-mailed you!!

Oh...and raised dots? I need!!

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