Friday, December 5, 2008


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Playing with light. When I started my 365 project I played some with off camera flash. This is the first I've done in sometime.
I actually did this shot in my closet with a black curtain valance I found at a 2nd hand store for $2.00 and my flash unit was on the shelf pointing down at me. Camera mounted on my tripod and I used a wireless remote to trigger.


Kennis said...

I have to know - how did you get your camera to even go off in the dark? I have a helluva time with that. I always have to rig some light shining in and it ruins what I had intended.

Denise H said...

This is so easy you would kick yourself lol
All I did was set my camera on manual, set it up on my tripod.
The background is black fabric purchased from a 2nd hand store. I'm using a wireless remote and off camera flash with a trigger. The flash was sitting on the top shelf of my closet and the fabric was over my opened closet door. Then tweaked in lightroom to make the blacks even darker and that was it. Sometime I'll have to do a video of some of my ghetto set ups lol

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