Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy day today

Well as promised, this is one of my experimental pieces, testing out my new glazes. This is 2 different glazes. The bottom I did in cobalt blue and the top is Rosie's red. I'm pretty happy with the results.

I went to the SERA cave carnival for a few hours today. Bumped into a few friends and chatted for a bit then was off and running to do some birthday shopping. Today is my youngest son's birthday, he turned 17. After gifts and cake, which by the way was strawberry cheesecake and super yummy. I went to work on a little project in my studio. I got a request for ceramic mushrooms, so I assembled the tops and bottoms of 2 tonight and comepletly trashed 3 others *ugh* So I get to redo them. Which is fine I reckon because I really would like to change how I did the tops. Maybe I'll buck up and do a video while I make them, depends on my mood haha!
Health wise I feel like I'm about 90%. I think this funky flu stuff has about left my system, just in time too because I'm out of klenex ;o)


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