Friday, May 29, 2009

fingers crossed!

I woke up early this morning and loaded my kiln to do a test firing of some new cone 6 glazes, I'm testing on a few different body types to see how it reacts. 1 is a cobalt blue and the other is called Rosie's red. The Rosie's red has a reduction type appearance to it and was gorgeous on the samples I saw so I guess we shall see what happens. I put it on a few luminaries and small jewelry / trinket boxes. Good or bad I'll post pictures to share my results with it. I think I may have applied it a little too thick but I'm hopeful.

I worked in my studio for a little while this morning. I got a custom order for some ceramic mushrooms. I decided to throw them on the wheel with earthenware instead of stoneware just so I can use this textured paint that I have, it's fabulous. The earthenware was a dream to throw, very smooth and handled nicely. I've only used it in the past to do hand building. After they dry a little I'll assemble them. I threw them in 2 parts, the stem and the top are separate. I'm kind of eager to see how they'll will look when they come together.


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