Monday, January 11, 2010

My wild weekend

Ok so... I didn't have a wild weekend, but I had fun. Mike and I went to the Kmart in search of a new puzzle, we use to put puzzles together when our kids were little, some of our friends would come over and hang out and play along. I think it was more of an excuse to sit around and drink and laugh but in any event, we like it. So... of to Kmart we went, we returned with a super cute 1000 piece puzzle which we put together after dinner. Mike made his super yummy chili and I made cornbread in one of my cornbread cookers.

We worked on the puzzle until 1:30am and finally gave up. Mostly because maybe I had too much to drink. I usually don't drink, but we found this wine at a local winery that I really like and well... I was one glass short of finishing off the whole bottle!

(excuse the do' it was cold outside and I was wearing a hat lol)

(Hey! There's Mike!)


Anonymous said...

Yea.. spending time with the hubby!! glad you had fun..

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