Friday, April 2, 2010


As I said in my previous post, I was working with pigs. I obtained a few vintage piggy bank molds, one from 1965 and the other is 1970-ish (can't remember the actual year right now). I didn't cut the slot for coins but instead I altered it to be a salt pig. This is a great gift for the serious cook with a sense of humor.The interior is left unglazed as original salt pigs were meant to be. The unglazed interior of these salt pigs, help to absorb moisture and prevent salt from clumping in steamy kitchens or humid climates.The large opening allows easy access to the salt while cooking, either use a spoon or reach in and grab a pinch. Unlike salt bowls or dishes this vessel keeps dust or other stuff from falling onto the salt. I also finally fired the piggy banks that I threw by hand on my pottery wheel. I'll be glazing and firing them this week.

This is Annie I rescued her from a animal shelter where I use to work. She and her brother came in to the shelter after being taken from their owners for animal cruelty. Her previous owners were prosecuted. To say Annie was terrified of men would be an understatement., if you raised your voice in our home she would panic, if my husband would get near her she would cower like she was going to be hit, her little body was bruised and her hair so incredibly long matted you couldn't tell how big she was or what she was. She past that now and knows that no one here is going to hurt her and she's spoiled rotten. It did take like more than a year before she would trust my husband even a little bit.
I took Annie on as a foster dog, like I have dozens of animals in the past so she wouldn't be put to death after not being adopted out. She had a instant bond with my oldest son who at the time was about 11 years old. She trusted me to a certain point, but Michael she trusted completely, she only wanted him. He helped rehabilitate her, house train and crate train her and taught her a trick or 2. Michael is 20 now and the bond they have is very sweet and very strong. She's his shadow. She adores him.
Ok enough with the warm and fuzzy, the damn dog is crazy... LOL Whenever you touch her, her tongue comes out. What the heck? and it's not just like a lick, it's like 20 quick licks all at once. You have to dodge the tongue while trying to get a pet in.
I really should get video of her antics, she lays on her side and claps her paws really fast over and over and over again, it's the most ridiculous thing. She is so animated and silly, you can't help but laugh at her.


Creative Minds said...

cute piggies! :)

Unknown said...

yay for Annie
I have a big soft spot for dogs and have 3 rescues myself. One of them follows my son around worshiping him

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