Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's cookin'

Tonight for dinner I made chicken and dumplings the way my granny taught me growing up. I always thought there was something magical about the way she made her dumplings. Not just in the way she made them but the ingredients being so simple and the end result being so irresistibly delicious that we could eat until we were about to burst.
When she passed away I claimed ownership to a few of her favorite kitchen items; her rolling pin, her "ferter turner" (should be pronounced fritter) and some of her mixing bowls. I love those things the best.
her bowl and rolling pin
Almost like wedging clay... almost
Now this is the part where a recipe gets added, right? Well... that's not going to happen and not because it's a guarded family secret, it's because nothing is ever measured out. Not because great cooks don't need recipes (she was not and god knows I'm not) but that's just how she did things, mostly because of the depression and the fact that a measuring cup was a luxury. In any event, dinner was awesome, afterward I curled up on the sofa with a good book my girlfriend Tabatha  told me I "had to read". Finding a book that captures my attention that doesn't have pictures is rare, this one has me hook line and sinker.
It's 1:00am, I better get to bed TTFN   


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