Thursday, May 5, 2011


I've been flooded recently with requests for my cookie monster type dunk mug. If you would like to be on the waiting list for one, I promise I have a new batch coming soon! You can email me privately to request that I contact you when they are ready. 

Well last week we were ravaged with tornadoes in the south. I feel very fortunate that we were only left without power for a few days while everything else around us is torn all to hell. I've honestly have never seen anything like it. My street was left untouched, I did end up with someones house insulation scattered about the yard and I have a tree that is now leaning to the side but other then that my property was untouched.
Truth be known I slept through the first round of tornadoes in the area. I guess my momma was right, she always said "you could sleep through a tornado". Ha! Who knew...
Of course it put my work on hold for a few days, electric pottery wheel and electric kilns... *Almost* makes me wanna build a wood fired kiln and get a kick wheel LOL ok not really. Maybe o.O


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