Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A visit back home

The last several weeks have been nothing short of chaotic for me. I've settled down and settled in again which means I'm back to work. Yay! I went back home for a few weeks and met up with some old friends and spent some quality family time. I was able to go and watch my super awesome niece win the champion ship game for girls fast pitch softball! It was a great game, I think the final score was 13-3.   
My niece Taylor getting her trophy! Yay! Taylor!
And of course some silly time with Aunt Denise ;o)

I met up with some old friends at a local hometown bar, their band was playing and seriously... I was blown away, they were absolutely wonderful! I SO Needed this time out. I had a great night and made it in by 4:15am which my dad pointed out to me when he saw me sitting on the porch steps talking to my brother lol

Dolan and I at Point Break Beach Bar

Dirk, Kim and Eric
My friends amazing band, "Drink Drank Drunk" (Mark, Dolan, Steve & Chuck). If you get a chance to, go see them!
Me and Spencer, some serious conversation no doubt


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