Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Organize = the word I hate most

I say and have said for years that I'm going to get organized, why is it so hard? 
Well I started, baby steps right? 
I thought this would be big enough to hold all of my stamps, apparently not, but it's better then what it was.
I use to have my cookie cutters scattered about my studio and look at this... 
I have them in one place now... Ooooo 
1 drawer full
I even cleaned all of my brushes properly and realigned the bristles, sometimes (most of the time) I leave them sitting in the brush holder aka used Chinese food soup container with the bristles down which is stupid because they get bent out of shape, especially if you have a long bristled liner brush. I fixed them all today and will make a note to myself to leave the bristles up.


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