Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Juicers may be my new favorite thing to make. I made these in a larger size and a smaller size and I made several different kinds of handles for them. I like the idea of a lug type handle instead of a traditional type handle like you would see on a coffee mug I'm still tweaking handles to see exactly what I like the best. Overall a fun thing to make.
One of my customers was sweet enough to take a picture of one of my pigs, this is actually the only sugar bowl pig I've made. I should do more, they are pretty cute. This is made with a vintage piggy bank mold. Instead of cutting the slot for the coins or a hole for the stopper he became a container. Cute eh?
And here is my funny for the day, I found this online somewhere. Kinda reminds me of the mouse I had living in my studio last year.


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