Thursday, September 29, 2011

And down I went

I had a great work day, I ran out to go to the post office to ship some orders and when I returned home I threw a several vases on my wheel and did some hand building. After I finished working in my studio today that little voice in my head that I should never listen to said "Denise... you should mow the lawn". So off I went to the garage to get the mower. I should add that I never mow. I started the push mower up with no problem and I was in business. I mowed about 80% of the front yard which has a slope. I walked down the slope and lost my footing and BAM! I hit the ground, still holding on to the mower. The front of the deck was in the air with the engine still running, I'm laying on the ground in pain. The mower has that safety feature, when you let go of the handle it shuts off, nothing in my brain said "let go" my natural reaction was to hold on. I tried to get up and I spun the mower deck back toward myself and I think holy crap! when it came near me, so I spun it back around as I made it back up on my feet and I continued to push it back up the hill *cursing* and I parked that damn mower back in the garage and I will NEVER touch it again. Ever. At no time during this whole dramatic / traumatic experience did the mower shut off because if you fall your natural reaction is to hold on, right?
So I luckily walked away with a bruised knee, bruised and very sore hip, sore elbow and the palm of my hand got a bit scraped up.
Lessons learned:
#1 Don't listen to the voice in my head
#2 Holding on while you fall is not always a good thing.
#3 Lawn mowers are to be avoided


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