Sunday, November 27, 2011

Over fired plate = more work

I did a custom plate for a friend a few days ago and over fired it, which needless to say I ruined it. Today I redid the plate and if this turns out the way I'm hoping it does, this one will be so much better. It needed more color. Since this plate is for a little girl, I wanted the colors to pop and be vibrant and happy. The other colors were more pastel and the whole plate was white... boring! The good thing about making huge mistakes is you can look at it and know what needs to be tweaked. So sometimes screw ups are awesome :)

Here's my screw up... if you look closely you can see blisters in the glaze. 
I also hate that it's all white. 
 And here is the new version, This is before the firing, which I watched like a hawk and it fired perfectly. This looks dull right now, but after it's fired the greens are actually a pretty bright lime green and the same goes for the reds, they will be bright red. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow when I unload my kiln.
Here are some sketch shots, originally I had her holding a leash, but I scrapped that idea and went with her hand on her hip.
She evidently has a favorite stuffed kitty that she carries around so of course I had to put him in there.
  I also rounded the dogs nose and got rid of part that comes down. The more I looked at it, the more it just looked odd to me.
I can't wait until I can open my kiln tomorrow to see the finished  plate :) Just keep your fingers crossed for me that I didn't screw up again!


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