Monday, November 21, 2011

Roll on!

The sky has been a dreadful grey color for days, I hate that it affects my mood, it feels like the life is sucked out of everything including me! The past few days as I posted previously have been awful. Today I attempted to shake the funky mojo. I failed. I packed up a bunch of orders and went to the post office only to be told they can't take any credit cards or debit cards, their system was down for the entire nation! wow! How does that happen? So here I come back home with my orders pouting the whole way. My business account doesn't have checks, only my debt/credit card, so much for technology. So I bought myself and my wrists a new gift to make myself feel better... ready?

That would be my new slab roller *doing my happy dance*  Typically when I roll out a slab of clay I use a large wooden dowel like a giant rolling pin and it kills my wrists and it takes forever. Almost. This new baby will be here next week! Boy oh boy do I have plans for this baby! Together with my slab roller and my new extruder I'll be ready to take on the world or at least my own little world within my studio lol


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