Monday, February 27, 2012


I spent the day working on making bowls. I'm doing more of my soup bowls with a cracker pocket like these...
The pocket is very handy, especially if you like sitting in front of the TV snuggled up eating chili, beef stew or soup (or ice cream! don't forget the ice cream!) while watching a movie. I don't like to put all of my crackers in my soup at once, they get all soggy and I hate that.
I made a template for a new bowl a few weeks ago and today I was finally able to use it and I made some slab/ hand built bowls and decorated them with one of the stamps I carved a few weeks ago.
I still have to clean up the rim, but overall, I'm pretty happy with these. Maybe I'll make some plates to match. I really enjoy hand building, if you are unfamiliar with that term it basically means you roll out a slab of clay and build with it. It's one of my favorite things :)
If you've kept up with my blog then you know I got a new puppy several weeks ago that I adopted from my local humane society. To update you on the terrorist  little darling...
Cheese! Yes the fool dog smiles
Jackson has overcome his fight with parvo and is a healthy boy. In the past 24 hours he has killed 2 new kong dog toys (they lasted less than an hour), he chewed the insulation off the pipes of the heating and air unit, chewed up a bottle of cuticle/nail oil, 12 (yes twelve) plastic glaze test containers and the lids, 1 aluminum can and ate a wad of clay. I spend most of my time saying no and drop it. I refer to him as "The Infidel".


Anonymous said...

First of all congratulations for your brilliant work!
I'm Miguel from Portugal and I was wondering if you still have a Cookie Monster type mug? My girlfriend loved it but in ETSY it says it's sold and I would like to surprise her with your mug.
Please contact me to the follow e-mail:
Thank you so much and good work!

Denise H said...

I'll have more ready this week :o) If you are on facebook you can click "like" and get updates about when things are ready.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I don't have facebook... but i'll make sure to tell my friends and family in the old fashion way word-to-mouth marketing!
How can I order you a Cookie Monster type mug?
Thank you again,

Denise H said...

I'll have more listed this week, probably monday or tuesday

Anonymous said...

I would like 2 monster mugs and 2 of your soup bowls. I keep checking Etsy but I never see them listed. I tried writing you on Etsy too, but I never heard back.

How can I purchase these items?


Anonymous said...

When will you be listing more cookie monster mugs and your cracker and soup bowls???


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