Monday, February 6, 2012

No title really, just stuff.

I'm bringing sexy wonky back! Yes, I am a dork, thanks for noticing.
I'm not sure why I stopped making my wonky pots, they were so much fun. Recently I've had a few requests for them so that's what I'll be working on this week amongst other things.
Here are a few wonky ring holders I just finished.

I've also turned out a few cornbread bakers and sponge holders. 
I'll try to get these listed tonight or tomorrow in my etsy shop.
Cornbread baker

Juicer's are new to me so I made several of them with different handles. I've never owned a juicer, but I just made something that required the juice from 2 limes so I used one of my juicers and it worked wonderfully! 

ring holder with a butterfly
sponge holder
My new little dog Jackson is doing well, finally finished his medicine and is very much on the road to full recovery. Our new drama for the day, he's been collared... yes friends this poor baby has been forced to wear a collar. If he could dial a phone and speak, I'm sure he would have called animal welfare on me and reported me for abuse. He instantly was depressed, walking around with his tail tucked and cowering down as if he'd been whooped. Bless his heart... tragic isn't it?
This is what I've had to look at all day.
I took him outside to use the potty, at first he wouldn't even get off the door step and when he did, he walked along the foundation of the house behind the bushes. What in the hell is that about? It's a cute collar! He acted like he didn't want his friends to see, hell he doesn't even have any neighborhood friends, the local neighborhood cats did make an appearance. I bet that's why he's acting all weird, the cat bullies must be taunting him.


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