Friday, June 8, 2012

Shame on me!

It's been a month since I last blogged? Shame on me! Well I'm not sure where to begin so I'll just jump in.
I had to make a trip to Maryland, my dad was having a procedure done on his heart and I wanted to be there for it so off we went, even took Buddy with us because the poor guy has a little separation anxiety.

He's tethered in the backseat so he can only reach me when my seat is reclined and when it is, he comes for snuggles :o)   

It must be turtle time in Maryland, I promise you I'd be willing to bet that we saw 50 or more in one day and every time I saw one I'd holler "Turtle!" and my youngest brother Cody would jump out and catch it and we'd turn it back loose. Finally after maybe after I hollered "turtle" for the 20th time and stopped quickly (no... I didn't slam on my breaks, it was just a quick stop. Really.) he just looked at me and said "really?" and of course I replied "Yeah! Go get em!" I'm an awesome pain in the ass like that LOL

My strawberries have stopped putting out, I'm pretty sad about that, but my blueberries are putting out now so woohoo!
Oooo how about that! I swear I love being able to walk through my yard and catch a snack, hopefully my peach trees will hold on to some peaches this year, last year squirrels cleaned me out.

I'm working feverishly, I finally have travel mugs listed in my Etsy store again and lots of new dunk mugs. I just unloaded some sweet dishes from my kiln today, I'll share later, maybe tomorrow.


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