Thursday, June 14, 2012

Loading up

Ahhh finally I'm caught up once again. Here's a shot of my gorgeous helper taking packages from my studio to load in my truck.
Whoa... careful 

"Really? you are going to take pictures of this?"

This of course is my darling son Levi. He started working part time for me a few weeks ago so that I can get more done. He's also starting to learn how Etsy works, he's filling orders, loading and unloading my kiln and has even created a few "masterpieces" himself.  I'll share when we get back from vacation.
Ohhh YES! my vacation starts Saturday morning, should be fun. I'm heading down to Florida with 2 of my siblings to visit with our mom, do some kayaking, fossil hunting, shell collecting and all the other cool stuff I can cram into my week.


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