Monday, March 22, 2010

Tony Soprano and his hit man are trying to ruin me!!!

Wow I had a rough night. Sunday mornings are reserved for 3 full hours of The Sporanos. I know it went off tv a few years ago, but A&E plays reruns and Mike and I are totally caught up in it.

I think this may be why the mafia sent in Munchie (obviously a hit man working for the mafia), to watch me and see what I'm up to. I loaded my kiln Saturday night so I could fire it early Sunday morning. The Sopranos come on at 10am and that was also the time for the last of my 4 start up switches to be engaged (coincidence? I think not!) I was in such a hurry I ran down, closed the lid and the peep hole and raced back upstairs and took my place on the sofa in front of the TV, I didn't realize until later that night that I didn't engage the last switch.

Late last night when I discovered what I had done I was so upset with Tony Soprano, this is all his fault. If I hadn't have rushed to met his time line everything would have worked out ok. Late last night while everyone was sleeping and I was working in my basement studio waiting for my kiln to finish up. I discovered someone had been snooping around!!!


So last night / early this morning I got that heebee jeebee feeling that someone was watching me. I brushed it off, I figured it was late (around 3am) and I was just tired, so I went on working until something caught my eye. He was trying to be sneaky, I ducked and ran and hid, stalking the stalkers every move. Slowly I picked up my rolling pin (I use it for rolling small slabs of clay), and WHAMO!!!! I pounced, pinning his tail to the table with the handle of the rolling pin.

(Munchie aka the hitman stalker aka cupcake killer)

I let Munchie spend the rest of the night and afternoon under a coffee can so that he could think about what he done and to send a message to the others. Then I released him in the back of my property near the neighbors house that I don't like *muhahahaha* she's a mean lady! don't judge me! LOL

Oh and for the record I don't usually keep cupcakes in my studio, however... that would be an awesome idea. This is a scented bath fizzy that you put in your bath water (I used it as a prop for my cupcake stands), it's baking soda based, so HA! Munchie and Tony Soprano! You've got nothing on me.


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he looks so damn cute

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