Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm sick :o(

It's been a week today that I've been down and out with this godawful cold, sneezing, coughing, cold to the bone with chills, chapped lips and runny eyes. I've gone through 200 cough drops, a whole roll of toilet tissue and a whole box of puff's with lotion tissues, which by the way are wonderful. I ♥ them.

I have 3 kiln loads of work waiting on me to fire, coffee mugs, spoon rests, cake plates, small ring bowls, stamped trays etc...

I'm trying everything to get better, but nothing is working. I called my favorite Chinese take out place and ordered dinner for my son Levi and I tonight, we both had their chicken noodle soup, I swear it has magical healing powers. Mike and Michael are camping and caving this weekend with some of our friends. I'm pretty sad that I couldn't go.

I have surrendered myself to sofa city with a weekend of chick flicks and a super soft throw blanket.


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