Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wonky pots and hospitals

Well my mom is back home after her 5-6 week stint in the hospital. She and her hubby were traveling down the interstate and for some reason, possibly ran over something in the road, they blew out a tire and rolled their truck. They had to be cut out of their truck. Mom got the worse end of the deal, broken ribs, dislocated shoulder, broken knee, cut over her eye and several other bumps and bruises. So she had surgery and is wheel chair bound for the next several weeks. BUT the good news is she is back home, unable to walk but that sure beats being stuck in the hospital.

So just an hour ago I get an email from my friend Barbara's daughter telling me Barb is in the hospital! Barb is one of my dearest, "love no matter what" friends. She's in loads of pain, not real sure what happened, she was thinking spider bite, but she got a bad place on her leg that went really bad really fast. They operated and hopefully we'll know what's wrong tomorrow.
The last time she was in the hospital I went to see her, it was around Valentines Day last year.
I took her some candy and some chili cheese tater tots and crawled in the bed with her for a photo.


Ok so on another note, completely unrelated. I just love my wonky pots! These started off as a bit of a joke with Mike and I (Mike is my husband), he scrutinizes everything I make. One day I had made a few vases and seeking approval I hurried him down to my studio show I could show him what I did. He looked them over and of course zeroed in on the one that wasn't so perfect and he said " they look great, but what about this one? it looks a little.... wonky". *ugh!!!* So this continued for several months and finally, being the brat that I am, I made perfect things wonky intentionally. I use to work in an office environment and that provoked the wonky pot desk set. I have friends that are still trapped in offices and everyday I am so thankful that I escaped and I'm able to do my own thing.


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