Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Almost dead

I have to tell you; the past few days have been crazy. I swore I was marked and it was just "my time". I was in downtown Chattanooga and was almost taken out by a speeding truck when I crossed his path. Luckily he swerved and missed me, because I didn't see him until he was right next to me. Closest call I've ever had and if he would have hit me, I doubt I would have walked away. I was so shaken up I actually had to pull over and park for a minute to gather myself.
So that same day I was nearly rear ended twice and cut off (3 different cars at different times), all while in Chattanooga. Early yesterday morning around 7:30am I was driving down the road (shockingly enough... in Chattanooga again), I see some guy on foot up ahead, he runs out into the road across my lane and he stops in the  median turns toward me and points at me what appears to be a hand gun. I swerve a bit and I'm ready to duck when I get closer for when he starts shooting. When I got right up to him the dang fool had a hair brush. Needless to say I damn near had a heart attack. WHO does that kinda crap? Crazy people do evidently and they are drawn to me like moths to a flame.


Samy said...

I'm glad nothing happened to you! But who stands in the road pointing brushes at people? ;P

Denise H said...

I know! It was insane, he scared me to death.

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