Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mega Looser :o(

The stupid lottery... ugh! My dad has me all twisted up in getting a lottery ticket for every game. For a long time I would get the quick pick and let the machine pick my numbers. Well after much thought I decided that was a dumb idea, the chances of those numbers technically getting picked twice in one day? Yeah that's not going to happen. So I got the paper slip and I pick my own numbers, they are always the same.
Well I'm sitting here tonight half listening to the tv while I'm surfing and the drawing comes on and I hear one of my numbers, then I hear another, and yet another, my heart skipped a beat! I looked up at the tv screen and yeah 3 of my numbers came in but not how I needed them to. I had just told my son when I bought my ticket yesterday that I needed to switch my megaball number and I didn't do it because those crazy men at the store I shop at were joking with me and I get distracted easily (yep, I'm blaming them).Well don't ya know THAT was number that came in for the megaball!!! I blew it, Of course it would have only been a $10 ticket but hey 10 bucks is 10 bucks and it pushes me closer to the big win (in my mind anyway.... don't judge! lol). I'm going to have to rethink my strategy. I totally have to at least switch my megaball number.
Yes I know, loads of people feel like it's a waste of money but I quit smoking over a month ago and this habit is a lot cheaper and healthier. Wish me luck for tomorrows game! Estimated at 145 million, no worries, I have a plan worked up for when I win ;o)


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