Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You gonna eat your cornbread?

Every time I make a cornbread baker or use mine, the scene from the movie "Life"  pops into my head. "Life" is that movie that Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Bernie Mac were all in prison... Oh go rent it. It's a good movie. Ok back to pottery ;o)
This is my newest cornbread baker, fresh from my kiln.  I changed the way I do my handles, this angle shows the newest style best I think.

Oh and I found a clip on youtube!!!! If you have young ones around, put on your head phones, the F-bomb is dropped a lot. The video will not load on this page, but a link will pop up saying "embedding disabled by request, Click here to watch". Click that, and watch it on youtube.

(****WARNING video contains adult language*****)


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