Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm a new Mom!!!!!!

My girlfriend Tabatha reached out for help for an abandoned dog this morning and, me being the sucker that I am, I brought him home. He's an adult Saint Bernard, his previous owners moved and left him behind, after a few weeks it was obvious they weren't coming back. It gets better... not only was he half starved, full of ticks and fleas (infested) BUT he had been sprayed by a skunk too.
After 3 baths of tomato juice, lemon juice, deodorizing dog shampoo he finally is tolerable. I ran by my vets office and got him meds for the fleas and ticks and he has an appointment Monday for a complete work over.
Tabatha and her husband Tee feeding the poor guy this morning    
This was about an hour before he fell in love with me :o)
He's really laid back, really sweet (except he is a little food bowl aggressive, understandably so). He gets along great with my other 2 dogs, he and Abby act like they were raised together.
I started the naming process, I had settled on Ben, well Ben didn't work out, he hates "Ben" and likes to be called "Theo".  I went through a whole list several times offering all kinds of names, I repeated his maybe likes and then every time I said "Theo" we got a big wag. I even offered him names like "Thor", "The Hulk" and "Spider-man", he passed on them! obviously he has brain damage. So looks like it's probably gonna be Theo. He even passed on Billy Bob, Bubba, Brian, Boo Radley and Barry White.


Periwinkle Paisley said...

Aww, the poor thing. He's so skinny for a St. Bernard. What is wrong with people? I'm glad you rescued him. I like Theo too, the dog has taste ;)

deborah said...

omgosh. he's adorable and definitely a theo. you are so good to take him in and love him.

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