Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fresh from the kiln

A few goodies fresh from my kiln today. Everything in this load was hand built from slabs of clay or thrown on my pottery wheel.
Just opened and still warm
A small birdbath for the garden
a sponge holder
soup bowl with a cracker pocket
hand built tumbler from a slab of clay
My new glaze "floating blue"
The last picture I used a glaze that I mixed, it's called floating blue, it's really nice, it breaks a pretty root beer brown color, has a very good feel to it and is very stable, I've used it several times and it has never run, probably one of my favorites at this point.
The recipe is:

Floating Blue

Nepheline Syenite – 47.3

Gerstley Borate – 27.0

EPK – 5.4

Silica – 20.3

Red Iron Oxide – 2

Cobalt Carbonate – 1

Rutile – 4

Bentonite – 2


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