Friday, September 23, 2011

No title :o)

My girlfriend Shelly's birthday was 2 weeks ago so I decided to make her something special. She's a gardener so I stuck to that theme and I made her this wreath for her front door.
Pretty cute, ya think :o)
My youngest son Levi (age 19) finally got his drivers license. He refused to get it when he was younger because that's just how he is. So after he got his license we had to make a stop off at the college and would you just look at this parking job.
Haha! I can't tell you how much we laughed over this.

I learned a new braid, the fishtail braid. It's a bit messy but that's how I like it, it's a few hours old in this picture.

Tonight I decided to try a new trick *drum roll* "the sock bun". Allegedly if you do this sock bun thing to your hair it will leave your hair with curls that will last all day so I got my bun on after dinner tonight, this is what it looks like, get ready to laugh...

If I do one on each side of my head, you'd have Princess Leia hair
It's a granny bun lol BUT if I did this right I'll have loose wonderful curls in the morning and I won't have to do a thing to my hair and that would be awesome. You sleep with your hair like this and because it is on the top of your head it doesn't interfere with your sleep because you aren't sleeping on a massive hair wad.  Just so you know, I literally have a sock in my hair holding that bun together. It's pretty comfortable I must say, I'm a bit surprised by that really. I'll let ya know what the outcome is.

I've been working a lot lately, I'm fixing to leave town for a bit to visit my family. My son Levi is leaving for the Army November 6th and he wants to see his grandparents before he goes, so that's the reason for the trip.
 I'm trying to get caught up on orders. I'm seriously considering shutting down my Etsy shop so that I can get some work done.
Christmas orders are piling up and it's starting to get a little stressful. So I'm thinking if I shut down online sales for a week or two I'll be able to get ahead and not feel like a complete ass for not answering emails immediately. I hate being one of those people and that's just what I've become here lately (a slow responder). Right now it can't be helped, when you are a one woman show and there are only so many hours in the day. So that may be my plan, a brief shut down so I can create. I have so many wonderful ideas and very little time to try them. So I'm gonna make some time :o)

But right now... It's Ninja time!
It's been chilly and damp here the past few days which means miserable in my studio. The cold damp air and my joints don't get along well, so I moved my working area into the house and I took over the kitchen table.
I'll have this load of mugs ready this weekend :o) I'd like to get some Ninja plates done as well, but they may have to wait.


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