Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chattanooga, stop being dumb

I've been confused all week on many levels. 
If I could just pay attention to the small things.
I like things to be simple. 
I can handle simple.
I am simple.
 I called Mike and invited him out for a lunch date, we went to Mellow Mushroom in Chattanooga. Typically I park in the pay to park lot, so I pulled in there. Mike chimed in and said "park on the street, it's cheaper". So I pulled out of the lot and drove all the way around  the block to get back. When I arrive back, I back into the parking space on the street, we checked the meter, it had 1 hr and 30 minutes left on it, sweet right? We have lunch come back to the car and I'm like, "is that a ticket on my windshield?" Oh  yes, it is. So I call the city and I'm ready to duke it out with the parking meter troll that wrote the ticket, the city says, "you can take it to court". Well that is dumb, pay $11.00 or spend the day in court. Well come to find out I was wrong, but only because Chattanooga is dumb and they take advantage of idiots like me.
 I thought this was our meter, as you can see the meters are between the spaces, but there is a little sticker with an arrow that points to the other space. Well who reads the fine print? I look at the time left and how much money I needed, not a dumb sticker. So, I get hit with a $11.00 ticket and if I don't pay it within 7 days it turns into $41.50! Scammers! What kinda crap is that? So after I couldn't find the meter troll and the City proved to be worthless in helping, we sucked it up and gave in. Mike paid the ticket and while he was paying online they slipped in a convenience fee for like another $1.25. 
So I have 3 questions:
Who the hell was this convenient for? 
Why didn't they put the meter in the middle of the space? 
And why do I ALWAYS get sick when I eat at Mellow Mushroom?

So after this ordeal I went to the grocery store and I see this at the building next door.
With their little car that can park anywhere, even sideways *rolling my eyes*. 
I hate all smart cars, because like Chattanooga, they are dumb, where do you put your grocery's? I hope someone parks on each side of them so they get blocked in! Oh goodness that wasn't nice of me. 
Chattanooga is dumb and has made me mean.
I should sue, because now I have parking rage ;o) 


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