Friday, July 9, 2010

Our ridiculous cat

Our cat "Little Cat" (yes that's his name), is the most ridiculous cat ever. He is very mischievous and curious. He loves to drink from the faucet in the bath tub. He meows at you as if to say "bless you" every time you sneeze. He loves to get into and on to things that he shouldn't. When he is doing something he shouldn't do like walk on the counter top I yell out, "Little Cat!" and he jumps down immediately. Well the past few days he has been getting into the basket under my butcher block counter where I keep my potatoes. I dump him out into the floor or I yell his name and he pops out. A few days ago he was relentless with getting into the basket, later that night I heard  a thud, Michael (my oldest son) and I went to see what it was and I'll be damn if Little Cat didn't dump my basket into the floor so that he could sit up on the shelf. What a brat! LOL


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