Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm back!

I just returned last night from a spur of the moment week long trip to Maryland. Mike's dad landed himself in the hospital and we had some family business to tend to for him. We didn't really have a chance to tell anyone we were going and we didn't really have any free time to speak of while there.
I did get to squeeze in a short visit with my life long best friend Tammy, which was wonderful, not enough time, but I loved it just the same.
We left for Maryland last Wednesday which was also Mikes birthday. I pulled a rabbit out of the hat so to speak and arranged for him to take a sail out on the Chesapeake Bay in a Skipjack as his birthday gift. A skipjack is a type of sailboat developed on the Chesapeake Bay for oyster dredging. And YES they also dredged for oysters, he loved it. I figured with all we were dealing with, he deserved to take a little time for himself and come to find out, this was something he's wanted to do for years, he even said it was on his "bucket list".
 After our family business was taken care of, my darling precious niece Taylor (age 9) who is spending the week with my dad, said to me that she wanted her ears pierced. The next morning I made it happen. Mike and I loaded her up and took her to have it done. She was so funny about it, she said, "Oh Aunt Denise, I'm so excited! We should go to the bathroom before we have my ears pierced so I don't pee my pants". Afterward while driving in the car, Taylor sat in the back seat singing, "I got my ears pierced, I got my ears pierced". Then she says,"When I go to the prom, I'm going to wear long dangly earrings so they can sway when I'm slow dancing". That part nearly did me in LOL.
I really would love to go and spend more time in Maryland so that I can properly visit with my friends and family. I just hate being rushed for time. We got home last night (Wednesday), I have car lag. I still haven't unpacked our clothes, but there's always tomorrow, right?


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