Thursday, July 8, 2010


I sat down and sketched out my newest Pirate mug. This will be the 1st one that I turn loose into the world. 
My nephew owns the only other one in existence (shown below). 
 I purchased this old ceramic mold, as you can see, it's for a childs 2 handled cup. I made a cup and let it sit on a shelf in my studio, because basically I had no idea what to do with it, I almost threw it (the mold) away. One day while I was working I glanced up at the cup and it came to me, those handles are ears! I grabbed a saucer and stuck it on top of the cup and it was the pirate hat.
This is the new one glazed and ready for firing.
This Pirate has more attitude, a 5'oclock shadow and he's bald.
He is also glazed and in my kiln waiting to be fired in the morning, along with a pirate hat saucer.


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