Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm a slacker...

Geeze, so it's been months since I blogged anything. Honestly I think I've been having issues with my mojo. Well I have lots of catching up to do. The last time I blogged was June 12th eek!
I left June 18th and went to Virginia to house/pet sit for my sister while she was vacationing in Hawaii.
While in VA I visited with family and friends and did some touristy stuff.
My niece's birthday and 4th of July happened while I was there.
But let me rewind a little. I met up with Jeff M, Mike B, Dave P, and Dave T, some flickr friends I met online and in person at the DC flickr meet up earlier this year. I had dinner with Mike, Dave & Dave at a spacey little place in Carytown, Va called Galaxy Diner, afterward Mike B and Dave P took me to Belle Island to shoot some pictures. Jeff couldn't make it because he had a meeting after work so we made plans to hook up at a later date. When Jeff and I eventually met up, we went to Great Falls, Va and took lots of pictures.
Then we did a walking tour of Washington, DC at night, which included the White House and monuments. There was lots going on there; protesters were everywhere protesting one thing or another. We even got snatched up to do a video in support of the Iraqi citizens protesting the elections. I tried to wiggle our way out of it with no luck so I let Jeff do the talking, I dummy-ed up because, I really didn't want to be on camera. But I stood there and smiled and held up a picture that the gentleman gave me to hold while he was taping us, Jeff did a great job speaking, I did a great job at being a dumbass, I'm sure .

I was able to visit with my family quite a bit which is always a good time.
Siblings (Left to right:) Renee', Fran, Nicci (she's standing on a cooler!), Cody & me.

Me & Cody, Cody is my youngest brother, he's 19, I'm 39.
Maturity wise I think we are are the same playing field ;o)

My step mom Cookie and my Dad.

I can't even put into words how much I hated leaving Va to come back to Georgia *insert huge sigh here*.