Friday, April 1, 2011

April fool

Ok so of course in my usual brat-hole fashion I pulled an April fools prank. I posted this picture on Facebook with this explanation (mind you, I had been on facebook all night talking about Grey's Anatomy and cutting up with friends), "After 5 hellish hours in the Emergency room tonight, I get this. Thank goodness it's my left arm and not my right. Long story short, mouse in my studio jumped out of a box I was digging through and scared me, I tripped over a box of clay and tahdah..."

Not even my arm, I found this pic online
Well my step mom see's it and tells my dad and late this morning my phone rings and it's my step mom Cookie, She's like, "Denise... are you ok?" I giggled and immediately told her April fools. Then she proceeds to tell me that dad wanted to call me early in the morning to see what happened and if I was ok and she wouldn't let him because she was sure I was on pain medication and I was probably still sleeping (yes I know.... one more reason why I'm going to hell, right?). So after I get off the phone with them one of my brothers call me and he is laughing, he said, "Denise... you should have heard them this morning, I just sat back and listened and laughed and I thought, Really? it's April Fools day and you guys are gonna believe anything she says? Do y'all even know her?" Then he and I had a good laugh about it.

My oldest son Michael got me, he came home from work in a awful pissy mood. After being home for a few minutes he lets loose with, "Well... you  aren't going to believe this, I got a damn speeding ticket (which wouldn't be his first, actually more like 3rd). I immediately get upset and start the usual mom rant about going too fast and yada yada yada then he has the nerve to say April fool! to me and then laughed and pointed at me with "hahaha oh my god you are so easy".  I honestly don't know where he gets it ;o)