Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013, How did that happen?

Wow so it's 2013 and I haven't posted since October. There's a good reason for that I'm sure haha! Actually I've just been busy and still have a lot going on so here's a quick catch up.
1st and most importantly my grand baby will be making his appearance anytime now and because I am hopelessly in love already and have a severe case of grandbaby-itis and I find my self buying ridiculously cute shit like this dog.
Speaking of dogs, my 2 guys are doing great, they have company right now. I'm dog sitting for a while for my friends 2 dogs, they are cha-wennies (yeah I know lol) also ridiculously cute! But bad as all hell and in everything.

Oh I got my hair cut off last week
like 8 inches gone! 
I've been sewing, made grand baby a blanket. 

I had a pottery student for a day, hopefully he'll be back soon. 

That's the short version of the last few months. I'm back at work kind of, my studio is flooded again due to the crazy amount of rain we've been getting for the past week, so I get to clean up that horrible mess.
Well it's late, bed time for me.

OH!!!! My grandma name.... wanna know what it is? Yiayai which sounds like Yaya and I think that is the actual spelling I'm going to go with (Yaya). It's greek for grandmother, no I'm not greek but I don't think I'm a mom mom or a granny or a memaw either and I don't really like nana or meme or any of that grandma stuff so I picked Yaya the day after I learned I had a grand baby coming. Plus Yaya sounds fun and sweet and hey.... You tell me this picture doesn't have Yaya written all over it LOL