Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fresh from the kiln

Some of the goodies I just unloaded from my kiln this past weekend. Everything was thrown by me on my wheel or made with slabs of clay. By far one of my most favorite kiln loads to date! 

Coffee mug or beer stein

coffee mug or beer stein 

Dragonfly dish

I love this color of green!

Cornbread baker


organic shaped dish, impressions made from items from my backyard

Hand built from a slab of clay

close up of the stamped design. I carved the stamp myself

chips and dip! Ooo this makes me hungry :o) 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just call me Lemony Snicket...

I certainly have had a series of unfortunate events this year. Hopefully I'm straight now and I can get on with work at a steady pace. My kiln fired today as a matter of fact, I almost forgot how to turn it on, not really but you know what I mean.
After I loaded my kiln this morning and got it going, I pulled out some things that I made a while back and waxed the bottoms of them, I'll glaze those tonight so I can fire again tomorrow, that's right! 2 days in a row of firings, I'm on a roll.
What's up at home? Well... I have yet again another new mouth to feed. Remember a few months ago I adopted this little maniac.
Jackson, finally leash trained and loves to go for walks.
He suffered from parvo and I think he was dropped on his head as a baby or was at least raised by Gollum from the lord of the rings. You know... Gollum, this guy.

They kinda look alike, right? Jackson covets a ball, not a ring but yeah, I see the resemblance. He's actually doing very well and has a new best friend Atticus, the bulldog pup that lives across the street comes over regularly for play dates.
Atticus and Jackson
Well more dog news, I know you didn't come here to read a bunch of dog stuff but, it's all I've got LOL
Some folks we know picked up a dog 3 months ago that had been left to live on his own on the street after his owner passed away. He lived on his own for 6 months until these folks found him and went door knocking in his neighborhood and that's how they learned of his history. Well they kept him for 3 months and were no longer able to keep him so... guess who has yet another new dog? Yep, me. He has some issues, but don't we all? Here he is when he first came home with me.
my son Michael and Buddy
I've always been a sucker for a Benji face, this is "Buddy". I took him to the groomers and got him all dolled up and here he is all spit shined. Size wise, he is about the same size as Jackson height wise he might have an inch on him and maybe 3-5 pounds.
He and Jackson quickly became friends and he makes for a great baby sitter for Jackson. They play all day and night, it's pretty cute. He's a Yorkie mix, I'm thinking Yorkie-poo (yorkie poodle mix). He absolutely loves everyone and wants desperately to be in your lap and loves to go for rides in my truck. What he doesn't love is my cats... we're working on that. I've tackled that issue in the past, I have a pretty good method of introducing dogs and cats, especially dogs with a high prey drive. So far I have gotten him to stop the chasing and lunging at them. So that is some real progress.
Well that's my update. I'm working and getting back on track, thanks for staying tuned :o)