Thursday, February 21, 2019

I fell off the earth but baby I'm back!

My last blog post was in 2013, 6 YEARS ago! I had a grand baby on the way and guess what? He is 6 years old and he is fabulous. But wait... there is more! I have a 2nd grandson too. Let me just take a moment to introduce you to my boys.

John is 6 
Daniel is 6 months

So this is where I have been spending my time over the past several years. They are the absolute joy of  my life. 

On another note, I sold my house a little over 2 years ago and purchased a house with several acres in the country. My pottery work has been on hold since John was born. Unfortunately the new house does not have a studio space for me to work, yet! Hopefully before the end of the year I will be back working in clay, I miss it.


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