Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Because I'm impatient?

My kiln is cooling, I hate waiting, I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting to see all the little goodies the fat man in red has left me. But sad to say, no fat man tonight, just a fat me in blue lol. Ok so I peeked, I couldn't help  myself, I'm impatient. Allegedly. OK I am. I opened my kiln briefly and snatched  a little dish and I love it!!! I may have to *cough* keep this as a product sample or something. It's a hand built soap dish with a hand built daisy. I think it's my first ever hand built flower actually.
And I'm watching the CMA's, Yay! for Lady Antebellum for winning the 1st award of the night. They won single of the year for their song "I need you now". They should probably thank the radio stations for playing the hell out of it ;o)


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