Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm down with O.P.P (other people's pottery)

I went to the Chattanooga Market today and I came home with a few goodies!
I bought what a first I thought was a mouse, but now I'm thinking it looks more like a Opossum, which is like a double bonus because I love opossums. Here's a picture, you tell me, either way I love it and he'll keep my other mouse company in my studio.
Mouse or Possum?

 My old mouse is adorable, I picked him up while at Plum Nelly's dropping off some of my own pottery and I couldn't leave him behind.
 I love buying stuff from other potters, these 2 guys sit on a shelf by my radio in my studio.

I also picked up a rustic wooden angel from another artist there today. He had some pretty cute stuff, I almost bought the angel with the big chip out of it's wing because I thought it was kinda like me ha!


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