Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Buzzards circling me

Well the past few weeks have been rough in Deniseland. My youngest son (age 18) left the nest. He decided that he wanted to go and live in Maryland (where we are originally from) so he is living with my folks until he can get on his feet, which is kinda funny because his moving brought me to my knees :o(
Being a mom is rough stuff I tell ya, I miss him terribly. I've had bunches of family stuff going on but hopefully everything is settled down now, my father in-law was released from the nursing home and my dad had surgery.

I'm happy to report that I'm back to work doing what I love most, making pottery. My Etsy shop has been closed for weeks, I'll be reopening this week, just in time too... the buzzards were circling me! no kidding, have a look at this picture.
Circling my back yard last night. 
I had my first firing in weeks yesterday and unloaded my kiln this afternoon. I'm happy to say everything turned out wonderfully including my new glaze. My new glaze shows as almost a cobalt blue when fired over the red clay. I love the richness in the color and can't wait to see how it does over a lighter colored clay. This load won't make the Etsy shop, it's going straight to The Plum Nelly shop in Chattanooga. 
Cornbread bakers
Here are a few more shots of yesterday's firing.
I love the rootbeer brown and the purples and greens in this mug.
With the holiday season quickly creeping up on me, I'm planning to keep my nose to the grind stone.



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