Monday, November 15, 2010

My bestest favorite mug... ever

It's cold, raining and dreary outside today. I can't find my mojo, I've been lazy as all heck today.
I think it's because of the rain. But in any event, 
I wanted to share a picture or 2 of my favorite mug in the world. 
It's a frog mug and on the inside of his mouth, there is a fly, not a real fly of course, that would be gross.

See the fly? haha! how cute can one mug be?
I got this mug from a craft show last year from the artist, Judy Lynn she is an amazing potter with such a cute style and I think she's awesome. She makes the most gorgeous face jugs and cookie jars too. 
Well anyways, I fell in love with this mug and I had to have it. I drink everything out of it including diet coke, tea and coffee. It's just fun and it makes me smile and puts me in my happy place.


Anonymous said...

What a great mug to have. It's always great to have something like that to keep you comfortable on a cold dreary night.

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