Sunday, November 28, 2010

Under the covers

Last night we watched "Grown up's", if you like Adam Sandler's movies this is his typical silly movie. I loved it :o) So while I'm watching tv one of our cats, "Spookers" decided he needed to snuggle with me under the blanket. I have a wonderful goose down throw that is my favorite snuggle blanket and apparently his too now. He tunneled under it and got in my lap, every so often I would lift the blanket to allow fresh air for fear that he would suffocate because I was pretty tucked in lol. I lifted the blanket and disturbed him for a few shots.

 Last weekend sales were great, I took a picture of the back of my car loaded down for the post office and thought I would share. 
ahhh if every weekend was like this :o)
I listed more travel mugs this morning, they go fast this time of year and keep me super busy on and offline.
Click the image for a short cut to my Etsy store
And.... I think I'm catching a cold, I hate getting sick. I usually go down fighting and whining about it. I'm going to overdose on chicken noodle soup from the Chinese take out place down the road this weekend. But right now, I'm heading to The Chattanooga Market I might need / not be able to live without something they might have haha! that's my excuse anyway. Actually the market will be coming to an end soon for this year so I need to get my market fix while I can.


Anonymous said...

Way to stay Busy

I've heard from a reliable source that the Chinese Chicken Noodle soup is the best thing for a cold.

sally skidmore said...

Hi Denise,

My husband and I have searched high and low for a cool travel mug and haven't seen one, that is, until now. I HAVE to buy this mug for my son. Etsy seems to be sold out. How can I my hands on one?

You create gorgeous things!

Sally Skidmore

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