Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jeep, necklaces and overalls, oh my!

The heater core / coil (whichever) went out in my jeep. My husband and son spent the day working on it. Thankfully I didn't watch because I probably would have freaked out. My son Michael came down to my studio and said "mom, you might wanna come look at your car". I knew just by his tone he was trying to make me panic, so I went with my camera in hand and this is what I saw.

Drivers side view

This looks... scary

My son Michael, notice the smirk? He's loving this
So to repair the heater coil you have to take the entire dash out... everything. Reclaim the refrigerant and antifreeze (both, husband and son are certified to do that). Our cost was around $250.- $300.00 the dealer wanted $900. - $1000. Good deal I think.

Necklaces? Oh yes... I got a custom order from my friend Steve for a blue bird necklace so in my usual fashion I made several. The hole for the chain has been made now and they are drying on my drying rack.

 Today is National Overalls Day! 
Really... who woulda guessed it? I participated mostly because I was asked to which means posting a self portrait to the overalls photo group. I wear mine whenever I'm working so almost everyday is overalls day for me. I threw on my awesome ebay hat (.89 cents plus 3 bucks for shipping). 
Hillbilly? Maybe


niels said...

great Denise, it is even international!:) I'm living in Norway ! and for most of us is overalls day, just like yours ! but it is nice to have one day where we sort of tell the world that overalls are our favorite attire, no matter what other folks are saying, so overall greetings from Norway !

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