Friday, December 10, 2010

Crazy rubs off

Yesterday my son Michael and I ran errands together, while coming up on a busy intersection I noticed something in the road and I yelled out holy crap a tool! (I have a thing for tools, don't ask). I threw my jeep into park and jumped out and Michael was like "what the hell? Mom!", but it was too late I was gone.
I scored a socket wrench with a 1/2 inch socket!
 A few months ago I got a pretty nice Buck knife the same way, except I did have to do a U-turn and play Frogger through 2 lanes of traffic on the highway to get it. I didn't get killed, so that's even better.

Tonight I'm trying to have a semi serious conversation with my youngest son Levi, nothing super important just his computer problem and zombies (our conversations always go there). During the whole conversation he's wearing a mustache. I was like "Levi you look like a 70's porn star, please let me take a picture", then he says "if I win a million dollars I'm gonna get it in loose change". Feel like you've missed something? yeah me too and I was there actively participating in the conversation.
It's very hard not to smile with a stick on stache'


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