Sunday, December 12, 2010


First let me tell you, it's snowing!!! That alone is weird just because we don't get much snow here if any. We have lots of black ice, it rained this morning so we have a mess building.

it doesn't look like much... but it's all I've got
I went to the Home Depot and I noticed they have new signs in the parking lot. 

Ok... 2 things
#1 Why don't Hispanics abbreviate?
#2. I am totally a Pro customer, I shop there all the time. Wonder what fool made this sign up.
Home Depot this is stupid, if I'm a professional skater and I shop with you that makes me a pro customer.
Or what if I'm a professional shopper? They have those too ya know. 
How bout... "Contractor parking" ya dummy heads. I'm totally parking in the pro spot every time I go here.

Ok so check this out. I went to Office Depot and had to buy their overpriced packing peanuts and during my packing of packages I made a mess and spilled some on the floor of my studio, no surprise there. I looked down and thought and said out-loud (because I have no filter for my mouth and because my mind is slightly warped) "Oh wow, packing peanuts stick to your shoe like do-do" (only because I've stepped in dog crap like 5 times in the past 2 weeks).
Well... let me tell ya, these peanuts are biodegradable which is awesome, what's not awesome is when you go to take them off your shoe and your shoe is a little bit wet, like from snow. These dang things melt and get gooey! I couldn't believe it, kinda like gum on your shoe but not stringy or packing an awesome flavor, but sticky. So I thought,  hmmm I wonder if....
YES It melts, if you dip these packing peanuts in water they turn to goo like immediately! I'm fascinated.
It doesn't take much to amuse me and this was my wow for today. 


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