Friday, December 3, 2010

One of my favorites and a custom piece

I found an artist on Etsy earlier this year who's work I absolutely adore, her shop is called the dreamy giraffe. I purchased a print from her several months ago. I love the innocent big eyed sweetness of this so I had to have it for my bedroom (which matches her hair color, pale yellow).
A few months ago while remodeling the bathroom I thought of her and wondered how I could work her art into what I was doing. I of course used some of my pottery, my blue bird cups, and a blue bird light switch cover I made along with some iron work pieces I purchased from an artist at the Chattanooga market.
toilet paper holder from the market, wish i knew the artists name. 
my blue bird cups
My silly cat Spookers, I thought it would be cute to have him included (his ears are always like that, he's a Scottish fold and bobtail mix)
 I contacted KJ and presented her these pictures and told her what I had in my head, basically I wanted a bathroom painting that was fun, cute and whimsical. A blonde with green eyes in a bathtub and I wanted it to tie everything I was using in that room together. She nailed it. I had this done as a 12x16.
Check her shop out, she's super nice and fabulous to work with.


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