Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My crazy showed... a little

I went to view a kiln today that I'm thinking I'm gonna buy tomorrow. While at the lady's house her super sweet pitbull who also smiles ran around and was charming and sweet in his jacket. Oh yeah pitbull in a winter coat only is more adorable when it smiles and shows off his teeth, totally cracked me up. So anyways, we leave the house and get to the grocery store and I get a  text from my youngest son asking whats for dinner. I replied "chili dog", BUT somehow ended up sending it to this lady's house phone which comes across as an automated voice. So imagine your phone rings and you probably have caller ID because everyone does now days and you see it's me, the stranger who found you online, so you answer the phone only to hear "chili dog", which is even funnier because of the damn pitbull that was running around with a coat on. So now I get to go back to this ladies house tomorrow and I'm not sure if I should explain or act like nothing happened. I'm blaming my stupid smart phone.


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